October 30, 2008

Our Baby!

3d ultrasound part 2...

From 3D Ultrasound

From 3D Ultrasound

From 3D Ultrasound

From 3D Ultrasound

From 3D Ultrasound


Where's mah cheezy poofs?!?!?
From 3D Ultrasound

Click on the link below the pic to see all 50ish of them.

We're so in love with him and he's not even here yet...

October 23, 2008

Brrr! ....almost

Today's high was about 70 degrees! And last night got down into the 50s!!! It's feeling like fall! Eric's cold, though. Awww...

Gramma wanted to see Eric's pictures with Barack Obama, so here they are (click to make bigger):

From Randoms

Super exciting, huh? Well with Obama leading McCain 52% to 39%... we think it's pretty exciting ;)

Today marks 30 weeks of pregnancy! Oh joy. I'm aching pretty bad. I'm hoping the next 8 to 10 weeks fly by!

I'll leave you with a lovely picture so you can see how huge I'm getting:

From Kris's Pregnancy

Happy Fall Everyone!!!

October 15, 2008

It's official, we're having a chipmunk!

From 3D Ultrasound

LOOK at those CHEEKS! Wow...

This is really the only good picture we got. Fortunately, we get to go back in two weeks for another session for free to get some more shots. He was really sleepy, and kept moving his head away.

We did find out that he has hair on his head! I knew it, with this heartburn...

I think he looks like his daddy...

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October 13, 2008

Wedding Stuff

We finally brought our stuff back from the wedding. It was sitting in Kris' parents office, then garage for a while. We were planning on bringing it back with us, but after the hurricane and all, we got it back on our three-month anniversary.

Thanks again to all of you that came in..!

We also just got a new curio cabinet for everything, so here's a picture of our wedding stuff set up!

October 9, 2008

27 Week Ultrasound

I had my first appointment with my new doctor last week. She's great! So much better than my last doctor. Eric and I are really happy with her.

And since I was a new patient, they did an ultrasound! I know there's a few of you waiting for these pictures :)

From Kris's Pregnancy

Still a boy!:
From Kris's Pregnancy

Another profile:
From Kris's Pregnancy

These are fun but NEXT week is the really exciting part... I'm having a 3D ultrasound! So check back next Wednesday night for 3D pictures of our little Lennon!


Eric, my mom, and flew up to Michigan on September 25th. The flight was uneventful (which is always good). We had a great time staying with aunt Nancy and uncle Phil and seeing everyone! It was fun showing Eric around where I grew up, too.

On Friday, we (Nancy, my mom, Eric, and I) took my cousin Lisa's kids Steven and Ryan to Apple Charlie's. It was tons of fun, especially watching the kids (Eric included) pick apples. The donuts and cider weren't half bad either...

(As always, click the link underneath the photo for more pictures!)

From Michigan

From Michigan

From Michigan

From Michigan

Saturday was the shower, and it was absolutely awesome. Thank you SO MUCH Gramma, Nancy, Robin, and Lisa!!! It was really beautiful, both the building (The Trenton Hotel Grill) and the decorations. Lennon got tons of awesome stuff, and his closet is bursting with adorable clothes that I can't wait to dress him in. He's going to be one stylin' baby.

From Michigan

From Michigan

I don't have many pictures from the shower, so if you have some good ones, please pass them along to us!


October 8, 2008


So I think the nursery is pretty much done! There's a couple of things we still need to get, like a changing pad and diaper pail and stuff, but it's all decorated.

Click on the "Nursery" link underneath the picture to see more pictures of Lennon's room!

From Nursery

From Nursery

We want to thank everyone again for all of the AWESOME stuff for Lennon! It was such a great shower, and we love everything we got (and I'm sure he will too)!

We've ordered an enlargement of this picture, taken at Strawberry Fields in Central Park on our honeymoon. It will go above Lennon's crib.

From Honeymoon

More later, still need to post about the Michigan trip.

October 4, 2008

A room for baby

We're back from Michigan! The trip and the baby shower was awesome, I'll write more about it tomorrow when I'm not so tired. Today we got Lennon's furniture, just wanted to share!

The crib:
From Nursery

The changing table/dresser:
From Nursery

It's coming together! More about the trip to Michigan tomorrow!