January 28, 2009

Our little butterball

When Lennon was born, he was 7 pounds, 2 ounces. Today he had a doctor's appointment and he's now 9 pounds, 12 ounces! He's growing SO FAST!

On a less fun note, we've discovered that Lennon has pretty bad acid reflux, which has been causing him some pretty bad pain and discomfort, spitting up, and making him unable to sleep well. It's also making feedings pretty rough. He's now on an antacid medication and we're switching him from milk-based formula to soy-based. He's still getting breast milk too, since I'm pumping, but maybe now that he'll be feeling better, we may be more successful with breastfeeding. I'm hoping he feels better! I hate knowing that my baby is in pain :( It breaks my heart.

Here's a picture from yesterday:

From Lennon 012509-?


Anonymous said...

Such a great shot. Ya know Kris, you are finding out so soon, that when your kids hurt you will hurt as well. And that feeling never stops. We're really having a good time looking at all the pictures. Such a lovely family we have. Love you all. The Greats

Jocelyn said...

Poor Lennon. :'( Poor Mama & Papa.