March 17, 2009

We're alive

Sorry for the lack of updates lately; we found mold in our apartment and have been in and out of there the past few weeks. It's all taken care of now, but when our lease is up in about a month we'll be moving in with my parents to save money.

Lennon's doing amazingly. He's smiling and cooing all the time, and even let out a few little giggles in the past few days. He's getting so big. At his two month appointment on March 3rd, he weighed in at 12 pounds and 23.5" long, up almost 5 pounds and 3 inches from birth. The doctor says he's perfect!

Here's a few pictures from his bath this morning.

From Lennon 022109-031709

From Lennon 022109-031709

Hope everyone's doing well!

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Deborah said...

lennon just loves his bathtime!! cant wait to get him in the pool this summer!!