May 22, 2009

Almost summer

Hi! I hope everyone's doing well. Sorry it's been so long since an update! We recently moved in with my parents and have been getting settled in.

Lennon's as wonderful as ever. He learned how to roll over this week, from his tummy to his back. He does it ALL THE TIME (when he should be sleeping!), and just yesterday rolled from his tummy to his back (just once though). He get's really upset when he's tired and still wants to roll over. Hopefully he'll learn soon that he can roll over when he wakes up again.

From Lennon 052109-?

He's been eating rice cereal for about a month now, and I'm going to start him on vegetables and fruit next week. Doctor says he's ready! At his 4 month well baby appointment at the beginning of May, he was 14lbs, 6oz and 25" long. He's perfectly average.

Lennon's also been "talking" a lot more! He speaks mostly in vowels, with the occasional consonant. Sometimes it's hard for him to talk, though, because he's always chewing on something (mostly his hands).

From Lennon 040909-?

He also LOVES being outside! One of his favorite things is to feel the breeze in his face and through his hair. He can be in the worst mood, but if you take him outside he immediately calms down.

He also recently went for his first "swim"! I held him in the water and glided him around. His favorite was the floaty that Grandpa got for him, though.

From Lennon 040909-?

In April, Gramma and Grampa Oliver (my grandparents) came to visit! It was their first time meeting Lennon. We had a great week together! Lennon had a good time hanging out with Great Grampa by the pool.

From Lennon 040909-?

Eric and I are doing pretty well. Eric's working hard at Suez and I'm taking care of Lennon. We love the evenings when we're all together. I'm going to try to get a job part-time, and I've decided that I want to train to become a doula. A doula is a sort of support system for a woman before labor, during labor, and after birth. She offers emotional support, encouragement, and helps the woman get through it. Rates of c-section and use of pain medication are drastically lowered when a woman has a doula during birth!

Well it sounds like Lennon isn't going to nap after all, so I will close. Again, I hope everyone's doing great and I hope to see you soon.

From Lennon 040909-?


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, Glad to see an update. Lennon looks great! He's really growing, I guess all the new foods agree with him. Such cute pictures... The one in the pool with his new floater is adorable and the one with Lennon and Grampa chewing on their hands is really cute. And I love the one with G. Grampa and Lennon at the pool. Really special.
Kris good luck with your doula plans. I didn't know there was such a person but it sounds like it might help with some of the stressful times.

Love and miss you all,
The Greats

Jocelyn said...

Hey, cutie-pie. (I'm talking to Lennon, Eric.) ;) Great seeing you all. Good luck, doula Kris. ^_^