November 13, 2008

33 weeks

Is it time yet?

From Kris's Pregnancy

I have my bag packed, am pre-registered, have gone on a tour of the birth center...yeah. I'm ready, Lennon just isn't yet. Only 6 or 7 weeks to go! (Or 5...I wouldn't complain about's the 8 or 9 I might have a problem with...)

All in all, I feel okay. I'm pretty achy, that's my main issue. I feel him move almost constantly these days, and I can tell he's running out of room in there. The clock is ticking...

I'm off to my 33 week doctor's appointment!


The Greats said...

kris, lennon will let you know when he's ready. Sit tight.
You're lookin good.
Love to all,
The Greats
Robin reminded me that she is one of the greats. Great Aunt

Jocelyn said...

Have you chosen a pediatrician yet? Around that time I kept busy by talking to pediatricians and finishing up LoA and insurance stuff. After that though the waiting seemed to last forever! I remember the feeling: you've read all the books, taken the classes and tours, have the nursery ready, bought all the essentials, and you're sick of reading about babies - you're ready to have and hold one for real.

He'll be here before you know it and then every achey second will have been well worth the wait. :)