December 3, 2008

Big Boy

Tis the season!

From Christmas 2008

Of course, as I type this, it's 79 degrees and humid outside. We did have some pretty cold weather the past few days, and we even had to turn the heat on overnight!

Now that I've reached that elusive 9th month of pregnancy, I started my once-a-week doctor's appointments yesterday. According to the doctor's estimate, Lennon is already 7 to 7.5 pounds. I'm not due for almost another month! She says I should expect him to be around 9 pounds at birth if I make it to 40 weeks. WOW that's scary.

My body is getting ready, she said, and already showing a little bit of progress towards labor. It could be any time! Maybe we'll have a Christmas baby after all?

From Nursery

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Deborah said...

beautiful tree!!!all you need is a very special present under it!!! any ideas??